Dan was great to work with. Words that come to mind in describing Dan include fair, thorough, strategic, and team-oriented.”

Peter Feeney, P.E., Vice President, Free Flow Energy

Dan’s deep expertise as both an editor and project manager helped to make our annual report project a success. Dan is as comfortable with copyediting and proofing the fine details of financial statements as he is with coordinating aspects of design and printing. His enthusiasm and attention to detail are a pleasure.”

Rob Grimmett, Web Operations Manager, Abt Associates

Dan was recommended to me by a trusted and highly skilled writer several years ago, and I have been working with him ever since.  Not only is he a skilled editor – effective at editing across a range of topics for a variety of audiences and media – but he is also a tremendously hard worker.  Time and again when we’ve needed something turned around on a dime or a project has come in late and twice the projected length, Dan has accommodated us with grace and professionalism.  I recommend him highly.”

Jane Huber, Creative Director, Oxfam America

Dan is a wonderful colleague and mentor. His work is always of a high standard and his services have been sought after his separation from the company. Dan’s blend of accomplished and tailored writing, accurate editing and exceptional interpersonal skills make him an invaluable team member.”

Jonathan Kinghorn, Web Content Specialist, Abt Associates

I met Dan in 1999 when I hired him as a contract writer and editor for the start-up of a consumer web site, ChannelHealth. He soon proved to be such an indispensable member of the team that we quickly asked him to join us on staff. We were fortunate he did! Dan is one of the most sure-footed editors I have ever encountered. He can take any piece of copy on any level of linguistic quality – from poor to serviceable – and turn it into a well-polished, clear, easy-to-read ─ even elegant ─ piece of writing. Dan’s intellectual capacity for organizing and making sense of massive amounts of content is without peer. Plus, he is himself a skilled writer of white papers, case studies, reports, and more. On top of all this, Dan is fun to work with. His enthusiasm for his work, his diligence, and his innate ability to grasp the essence of a project is refreshing. I am not alone in my praise of Dan’s work, because those to whom I have recommended him over the past decade have all concurred with my assessment.”

Elva Kowald, IT Marketing Manager, GE Healthcare

Dan is a highly skilled editor and strategist who can smoothly manage dozens of projects simultaneously, working with a wide range of personalities and levels of cooperation. He has very high standards but is also flexible and has great people skills. Dan motivates people to perform at a high level by his own example. His intelligence and integrity are immediately apparent to all who work with him.”

Mary Martin, Writer and Editor

Your talents have been invaluable in directing the flow of information between the management and technicians involved in our operations to our client base and the public in general. This information has manifested itself in various media and has been presented in a clear, concise manner, without the burden of technological expertise or dense industry jargon. Your engineering and writing background coupled with an acute ability to grasp complex technology and convey a clear message to both laypersons and professionals alike has been the greatest benefit to Substructure. Your work ethic and organizational skills have been instrumental in maintaining our information process flow and meeting critical deadlines. In addition, your personal traits and professionalism have been significant benefit to the team, both as a unifier as well as challenging the status quo in a profound and respectful manner. You have handled the myriad tasks with consistent attention to detail and clarity of purpose. I appreciate your confidence in protecting the company’s trade secrets, our significant advantage in a very competitive market place. The highest recommendation however comes from our clients, who are keen to praise your efforts. They repeatable refer to the information you have provided that allows them to make informed decisions in a complex and confusing industry”

Tom Reis, President, Substructure

Dan and I have worked on a variety of projects together in the eight years we have known each other professionally, and he has always shown himself to be an exceptional colleague who creates high quality communications products and support. While I worked as a senior communications specialist and writer at Zamorano University in Honduras, I turned to Dan for copy editing on several occasions. He was able to effectively edit material on a broad range of topics, some quite technical. Dan turns things around quickly at short notice without sacrificing quality. He is also a good “sounding board” for advice on a broad range of communications related issues. I’m pleased to call Dan a colleague, advisor, and friend and highly recommend his work.”

Lee Shane, Communications Officer, Ecologic Development Fund